About professor Kojuri:

He was born at 1970 at Shiraz and passed general medicine, cardiology residency with the first rank in Shiraz and passed subspecialty of Intervention in Tehran, Shaheed Rajaee Hospital and started working as full time professor of Shiraz Medical Sciences since 2003.

He passed subspecialty training in below the knee intervention, Carotid and intracranial intervention, aortic aneurysm repair (EVAR and TEVAR), and peripheral intervention in USA, France, Italy and Germany and China.

He was elected as best medical teacher  of Shiraz University for 3 times and best researcher for one time.

He is full professor of cardiology, head of cardiology department and head of Shiraz education development center (EDC) and member of national board of cardiology and now working as part time professor of Shiraz University of medical sciences.